markdown notes.

Instyll is the markdown note-taking app made for efficiency. 
Local first, no accounts, and no vendor lock-in. 

Made for efficiency.

Sleek code blocks

Enjoy a versatile code editor directly within your markdown.
Copy and download code snippets directly from your notes.

LaTeX Autocomplete

Write equations in your markdown notes
with a fast and robust LaTeX editor.

Fast formatting

Use markdown formatting instantly with
the slash menu available at your fingertips.

Write at the speed of thought.


Autocomplete that understands the way you write.
Define your own custom zaps or let Instyll AI suggest zaps.

Instant Tables

Simply input your table dimensions
and watch the magic happen.

Effortless organisation.


Select topics and assign them to notes.
Each note can contain infinite topics. 

Everything you need to work fast.

Command Palette

Bring up the command palette using the CMD + K shortcut to swiftly execute actions.


Effortlessly connect your ideas with backlinks. 

Split Screen

Eliminate window switching by having your resources directly next to your notes. 

Right to Left

Write in right-to-left mode to accommodate languages like Hebrew and Farsi. 

Daily Notes

Easily create a note for each day. 

Mermaid Diagrams

Visualize data inside your notes.

Level up your markdown notes.